Sep 142016

The next thing to look for in fabrics is the fiber content. Not all fibers wear the same, some fibers peel and look fussy. Some look more plastic than cloth and feel rough, not soft, and not comfortable. Many lower cost fabrics are made of low grade fibers that don’t wear well. They look old and tired in a short time. 

Better fibers like rayon, cotton and polyester look better over the long term. Their colors are more vibrant with better color separation and more defined patterns. These fibers also wear much better and look better longer. So invest in better fabrics and your upholstery will wear well, look and clean better and last longer.

Come by our showroom and see the new fabrics for both in door and out door upholstery, we have the largest selection of upholstery sample books in North County , and with over 40 years of experience we can help you find the fabrics that will work best for you.




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