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La Costa Upholstery providing custom slipcovers to San Diego for over 30 years.

If you are looking to either extend the life of your furniture or change the look of your furniture, consider custom slipcovers. You can express a different style or color palette easily, and then change it back again.

After your bring your new furniture home, taking pleasure having the perfect sofa, you may be thinking “How can I keep this sofa looking new?” After all, it is made to sit on.

Perhaps you’ve seen the damage a new pair of blue jeans can wreak on a light colored sofa on a hot summer day? A dye stain on your seat cushion is an eyesore that can ruin a beautiful set, or an accidental wine spill on the sofa arm can be disastrous when the set is only equipped with removable seat and pillow cushion covers. When the kids are home for summer, slipcovers are ideal. You and your furniture can be as relaxed as they are.

Ready made slipcovers are exactly as stated… “Ready made”. This means that they are usually mass produced in some factory and constructed to fit many average sized seats according to industry standards.

Unlike “faux custom” slipcover manufacturers that simply re-size ready-made style slipcovers to your dimensions and use unsightly velcro tabs, ties or elastic to take up the slack, our slipcovers are custom tailored to fit the size and shape of your furniture and custom styled to accentuate the features of your furniture not just cover them over.

Quality Constructed Slipcovers, Exact Fit and Attention to Details from La Costa Upholstery

La Costa Upholstery slipcovers are truly custom tailored we are able to craft slipcovers for a variety of furniture types such as wingback and roll back styles, scoop arms, English arms and more. Every order is custom patterned and crafted to create a slipcover that not only fits your furniture but follows its form and accents its features

From start to finish our slipcover measuring, patterning and construction methods are designed to produce a quality product that will give you years of service. You may have to wait a bit longer for their delivery, but when they arrive, you can rest assured knowing that your custom slipcovers will fit your furniture like a glove.



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