Nov 072016

At La Costa Upholstery we use only the finest fabrics for our patio cushions and Sunbrella is one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

The company makes outstanding high quality fabrics that look great and last. Here’s a quick video on what separates Sunbrella from the rest.

Call us today to book an appointment to reupholster your old furniture and patio cushions!

Nov 032016

La Costa Upholstery makes furniture!

We can make you a new sofa, chair or love seat. And we make them from hard wood, not plywood with springs or elastic webbing. Our furniture is made with top grade foam, not the cheap foam that needs replacing every few years.

If you want furniture that lasts for years not months, in fabrics that the kids can be on, see what we can do for you.

We have thousands of fabrics to choose from and the expertise to know which fabric will be best for you. We’re not trying to make a quick sale, we are here to be a source of fabric and furniture for years to come.


Oct 242016
When looking for fabric to upholster your sofa, chairs, patio cushions or window seat, get expert advice from people who have been in the upholstery business for over 40 years.
We have seen thousands of fabrics and re upholstered  thousands of pieces of furniture. We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to fabric. We tell you if the fabric you are looking at is right for your needs.
The fabric stores may not have the real experience of having done upholstery work and may not know if a fabric will hold up well for your home environment. Come into La Costa Upholstery and see the difference 40  years in the business makes in the fabric and quality of work you get.
Oct 082016
If you are looking for fabric to re upholster  a sofa or a chair, patio cushions dining chairs or a window seat  La Costa Upholstery has  the largest selection of fabric samples in North County.
For patio and out door areas we have Sunbrella Fabrics along with their Fusion selections  and their  In and Out  Unlimited Design Book. We also have Perennials beautiful  line of out door fabric .
For inside your home we have Kravet Fabrics, Robert Allen Fabrics, Pindler& Pindler Duralee,  Jf Fabrics, Barrow Fabrics, Charlotte Fabrics  and many more.
Visit web site  and see the companies we work with or better visit our showroom to see and feel the fabric in person. We are open Monday thru Friday 8 :30 to 5 and Saturdays by appointment. 760-744-1360.
Sep 282016

Slipcovers get you options to have two looks for the price of one. If you have a pattern go with a solid fabric or if your have a floral print go with a stripe.

Slipcovers come off easy and can be machine washed or dry cleaned. At La Costa Upholstery we can make your slipcovers fitted or loose and can add fill to the cushions to make them firmer. We have hundreds of fabrics to chose from in our showroom.

Here is a great article on slipcovers from one of our manufacturers, Greenhouse Fabrics.


Sep 232016

La Costa Upholstery makes upholstered head boards! All sizes from Twin to King, many different shapes to choose from and you can have them made plain or with buttons. Add nail trim channels, rolls or bands for that little something extra.

If you have been looking for a headboard to finish decorating your bedroom, we have thousands of fabrics to chose from in our showroom.

Stop by our showroom at 1635 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road, #109 in San Marcos or visit our gallery to see some of our work.

headboards-1 headboards-3

Sep 142016

The next thing to look for in fabrics is the fiber content. Not all fibers wear the same, some fibers peel and look fussy. Some look more plastic than cloth and feel rough, not soft, and not comfortable. Many lower cost fabrics are made of low grade fibers that don’t wear well. They look old and tired in a short time. 

Better fibers like rayon, cotton and polyester look better over the long term. Their colors are more vibrant with better color separation and more defined patterns. These fibers also wear much better and look better longer. So invest in better fabrics and your upholstery will wear well, look and clean better and last longer.

Come by our showroom and see the new fabrics for both in door and out door upholstery, we have the largest selection of upholstery sample books in North County , and with over 40 years of experience we can help you find the fabrics that will work best for you.




Sep 022016

Denim is a great fabric to use for slipcovers. We have it in 14 shades of blue, 5 shades of white and 22 other colors. All pre washed so they will not shrink when you wash them. Slipcovers are great when you want the option of two different looks for your furniture. And they can easily come off to be cleaned. Visit our showroom to see all the fabrics that we have for slipcovers, re upholstery and outdoor cushions.

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Aug 272016

The furniture you already have is better then most of the new furniture you find in the store today. Over the years furniture went from being made in the USA out of hard wood and having real springs to today where it’s made in China with elastic webbing and “engineered wood”.

What is engineered wood? Well it’s a new term for plywood or particle board. The term engineered wood sounds like someone from MIT came up with a new way to grow super trees, but it’s just plywood. And that’s not what good furniture is made of it’s “junk”.

Sure the furniture looks good in the store, but when you get it home and use it; the frame will start to sag ,the webbing  stretches,  and you find the cushions get flat. And in a year your new furniture needs help , new foam in the cushions ,new springs or more.

So save yourself lots of money and get your furniture reupholstered or slip covered and have something worth owning that will last for years. La Costa Upholstery is San Diego’s best choice for reupholstery and slip covers . We have the largest fabric sample selection in the area. Call, email or come by the shop.

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Aug 262016

If that sofa or chair of yours is needs a little lift. If the cushions have flattened out, it’s time for new foam in the cushions.

Most of the time it’s just a matter of unzipping the covers and replacing the old foam with new firmer foam and polyester. We can breath life into those old cushions and make that sofa or chair look and feel like new.

Now foam comes in many firmness and you have to make sure that you get the
type that will last and keep it’s shape. If you go with a foam that isn’t resilient enough it will just flatten out in a short time.

So ask about the different types of foam and ask to see and feel samples of the foam. The difference in foam type can be felt and seen. Just email us your cushions sizes and we can get back to you with with a price . Not all foam is made the same.

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